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Dental Implants

Dental implants can be used to support and retain crowns, bridges or dentures to replace missing teeth. They are by far the ideal long term option to replace missing teeth. They are the next best thing to natural teeth.

A dental implant is a replacement of the root of the tooth that has been lost. Implants can replace single or multiple missing teeth with tooth like porcelain crowns. The can also support your existing partial or complete denture, eliminating the need for denture adhesives and the embarrassment and discomfort of loose dentures.

The implant is machined surgical grade titanium which is placed into the jawbone, usually done in less than an hour under local anaesthesia, in the dental chair.

After a period of healing from three to six months, the implant is uncovered and a healing post is attached. A week later impressions are taken to construct the crown/bridge to be fitted and cemented the following visit.

The two main implant systems used are the versatile Bicon system and Oraltronics system (which contains the Pitt-easy, Bicortical screw and Blade implants). This ensures that a very wide range of sizes and patterns are available to allow placement of implants in otherwise difficult situations. Visit the Bicon Dental Implant site for more information.


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